High-Definition Endoscopy (HDe®) Digital Video Processor and Light Source

The EPX-4450HD, with its separate High-Definition digital video processor (VP-4450HD) and its 300 watt xenon light source (EPX-4450), has been designed to meet the needs of any facility – ambulatory surgery center to academic medical center.

The EPX-4450HD system can be used with our exclusive Double Balloon Endoscopy® System (DBE) and 500 and 450 Series endoscopes.

The EPX-4450HD provides you with the following standard features and benefits:

  • User-friendly menus
    Enhances operability
  • Advanced image technology
    Produces clear images
  • 300 watt xenon primary light source with 500 hour lamp life
    Effective and efficient source of illumination
  • Anti-blur function
    Allows an optimal image to be extracted from multiple images
  • Picture-in-Picture
    Allows the physician to simultaneously view a live and frozen image
  • Intuitive front panel design
    Easy to identify frequently used buttons
  • Three illumination settings
    Auto/Average/Peak (500 Series only)
  • 75 watt halogen emergency light source
    Provides backup for peace-of-mind


Lamp Rated Value Main Lamp: 300W Xenon Lamp LMP-002
Emergency Lamp: 75W Halogen Lamp
Light Control Automatic Light Control
Lamp Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
Air Supply Pump High, Mid, Low, Off
Light Save On, Off
Transmitted Illumination On, Off
Power Rating 120V 60Hz 0.8A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 390 x 155 x 450mm
Weight 15kg

FICE - Flexible spectral Imaging Color Enhancement

The FICE spectral processing technology increases the possibilities of image diagnostic endoscopy.

A test and diagnosis require accurate and reliable detection of subtle changes in structure and color, such as elevation, depression, and increased surface patterns of lesions.

However, endoscopic images may differ significantly depending on the wavelength of light used for observation.

FICE creates spectral images from different rays, with specific wavelengths which are useful for improving the clarity of tissues and vessels.

The device switch allows the physician to switch between the conventional image and the image of FICE in a split second, allowing him or her to perform a test with uninterrupted focus on the monitor.

"DUAL MODE" EPX-4450HD simultaneously shows a FICE image and an image with white light in the same monitor. This new technology allows more information to be collected and diagnostically studied. In addition, EPX-4450HD can AUTOMATICALLY record both images of FICE and white light on the CF card, all while FICE is activated.