Ultrasound Video Endoscopes

Our Ultrasound Endoscopes provide excellent maneuverability and insertion capability.

Equipped with the ultra small Super CCD Chip Technology, these second generation scopes offer bright, vivid high-resolution endoscopic images, while the integration of ZONE Sonography™ and Sound Speed Correction technologies deliver delineation of high quality ultrasound images.

Ultrasound Video Endoscopes

While the EG-530UR2 radial scope provides unique forward viewing, the design of the EG-530UT2 convex scope permits passage of therapeutic devices and needle position guide on the ultrasound image. These scopes are to be used in conjunction with the SU-8000 Endoscopic Ultrasound System.

  EG-530UR2 EG-530UT2
Viewing direction 40° (Forward Oblique)
Observation range 3 - 100mm 3 - 100mm
Field of view 140° 140°
Distal end diameter 11.4mm 13.9mm
Flexible portion diameter 11.5mm 12.1mm
Bending capability    
  Up/Down 180°/90° 160°/160°
  Left/Right 100°/100° 120°/120°
Forceps channel diameter 2.2mm 3.8mm
Working length 1,250mm 1,250mm
Total length 1,550mm 1,550mm
Scanning mode Color Doppler, Power Doppler
Pulse wave, B-Mode, M-Mode
Color Doppler, Power Doppler
Pulse wave, B-Mode. M-Mode
Scanning method Electronic radial scan Electronic convex scan
Scanning angle 360° 124°
Frequency 5MHz/7.5MHz/10MHz/12MHz 5MHz/7.5MHz/10MHz/12MHz
Compatible Systems EPX-4450HD,
SU-8000 Ultrasound Processor
SU-8000 Ultrasound Processor

EUS - Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Taking high resolution digital images, Fujinon allows ideal diagnostic ultrasonography.

Fujinon has developed systems for endoscopic ultrasonography, radial ultrasound scanner, and convex ultrasound scanner while meeting the most demanding expectations of "clear imaging" and "excellent management".

The SU-7000 processor and ultrasound endoscopes EG-EG-530UT 530UR and provide excellent endoscopic ultrasound images.