New! Ultrasound Processor

The SU-8000 delivers high-resolution, high quality ultrasound and endoscopic images in a compact design.

Equipped with innovative image processing technology called ZONE Sonography™, combined with Sound Speed Correction Technology, the SU-8000 delivers exceptional ultrasonic image quality.

When combined with the EPX-4440HD High Definition Endoscopy platform, the SU-8000 provides the foundation for cutting edge technology in flexible endoscopy.

The SU-8000 provides you with the following standard features and benefits:

  • Zone Imaging Technology
    Allows for rapid image acquisition - faster than conventional ultrasound
  • Rapid Image Archiving
    For still or cine by pressing [STORE 1] or [Store 2]
  • Picture-in-Picture
    Allows three viewing options - Picture-in-Picture, full screen GI, full screen EUS
  • Multiple Display Modes
    Allows for accurate and reliable fine needle aspiration
  • CP-8000 Keyboard
    User friendly and illuminates for visibility in a dark procedure room
  • Function Keys (F1, F2, F3, F4)
    Program for quick response to Power Doppler or other Features
  • Multiple Frequencies
    Helps delineate clear images of the gastrointestinal wall and adjacent organs
  • User Specific Presets
    Can be assigned for EUS scope start-up settings
  • Compact Comprehensive One-Cart System
    Mobile cart facilitates efficient examinations and various applications

SU-8000 Processor

Power Supply AC120V, 60Hz, 2.2A
Current consumption (rated) 1.8A
Applicable scopes EG-530U series scopes and EB-530US scope
Video output terminal Video terminal (1 channel)
S Video terminal (1 channel)
RGB PC terminal (1 channel)
RGB PC/TV terminal (1 channel)
DVI image output terminal (1 channel)
HD-SDI terminal (2 channels)
Audio output terminal RCA terminal (1 channel)
Video input terminal DVI image input terminal (1 channel)
S video terminal (PROCESSOR) (1 channel)
S video terminal (1 channel)
Control terminal Remote terminal (2 channels)
Foot Switch terminal (1 channel)
Keyboard terminal (1 channel)
RS232C terminal (PROCESSOR)(1 channel)
RS232C terminal (1 channel)
Network terminal (1 channel) Ethernet (100BaseTX)
Image Storage (Storage) CF memory card, networked shared folder (FTP)
Image Storage (File format) TIFF, JPG
External dimension (WxHxD) 14.8" x 8.5" x 17.5" (including protruding parts)
375 x 215 x 445mm (including protruding parts)
Weight 31 lbs. (14kg)