Vision. Handling. Ergonomics. Speed. Service.

These core elements of endoscopy can be found in the design of every Duodenoscope.

Our duodenoscopes incorporate many of the ergonomic advancements and imaging technology we are known for. Physicians will experience unsurpassed handling and operation through a completely redesigned suction and elevator system, as well as a super image screen for superior visualization. An innovative sealed elevator channel was intended to minimize disinfection concerns and allow for smoother elevator function even in the most extreme of circumstances.

Therapeutic Duodenoscopes

Our therapeutic line of duodenoscopes are designed to provide advanced handling and reduced fatigue to the physician. Lightweight design, redesigned elevator function, and an enclosed elevator channel allow for smooth elevator operation and improved efficiency in the area of disinfection.

Viewing direction Lateral (8°retro)
Observation range 4 - 60mm
Field of view 100°
Distal end diameter 13.1mm
Flexible portion diameter 11.5mm
Bending capability  
  Up 130°
  Down 90°
  Left 90°
  Right 110°
Forceps channel diameter 4.2mm
Working length 1,250mm
Total length 1,550mm
Recommended System EPX-4450HD,

ERCP - Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography

The most advanced video duodenoscopes, Fujinon 500 series has improved distal structure, curves and flexibility to achieve better handling during examination and treatment.

The excellent image obtained with the Super CCD and FICE (Flexible spectral Imaging Color Enhancement) technology also contributes to physician productivity and patient care.