Double Balloon Endoscopy

The small intestine is the most difficult organ to access in GI tract endoscopy. Fujinon's Double Balloon Endoscopy System makes it possible to provide detailed observation and treatment of this area with minimal discomfort to patients.

PB-20 Balloon-pump controller

Preferred uses for Double Balloon Endoscopy include:

  • Obscure Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Abnormal capsule endoscopy results
  • Ulcerating diseases of the small bowel
  • Foreign body removal
  • Radiographic abnormalities of the small bowel
  • Intestinal strictures
  • Malabsorbtion, chronic iron-deficiency anemia
  • Polyposis syndrome

Double Balloon Endoscopy System

The Double Balloon Endoscopy System consists of specifically designed enteroscopes, overtubes, balloons, and a balloon-pump controller. It also requires Fujinon's EPX-4450HD digital video processor to provide sharp, clear, high-definition images.

Take a moment to browse our diverse selection of double balloon endoscopes. Contact your local representative today for more information or to schedule a demonstration at your convenience.

Double Balloon Enteroscopes

With balloons on the tip and the overtube, this scope allows for observation of the entire small intestine. Scopes come in either a 2.2mm or 2.8mm forceps channel configuration and enable routine biopsy as well as other common theapeutic interventions. The slim outer diameter allows for smooth insertion. Learn more

Specialized Balloons and Overtube

The exclusively developed specialized balloons (BS-2) and overtubes (TS-12140, TS-13140, and TS-13101) ensure complete positioning of the endoscope in the small intestine. The tip of the scope can be smoothly inserted to reach the area of diagnosis and treatment. Learn more

Balloon-Pump Controller

The PB-20 balloon-pump controller allows optimal control of the balloons' internal dilation pressure. Controlling the appropriate amount of balloon dilation and contraction enables a safe and smooth examination process. Learn more